Exceptional accommodations
exclusively for cats

279 Dogford Road
Etna, NH 03750




Charges are calculated depending on length of stay and the number of cats:

  • Basic rates are $22 per day, plus $8 each for up to two additional cats in the same enclosure.
  • For stays longer than two weeks, the rates will drop to $18/6/6 on the fifteenth day.
  • For stays longer than 4 weeks, the $18/6/6 rate will be in effect for the entire stay.
  • For clients who wish to reserve more than one enclosure for a large family, there is a suite available that greatly increases their personal space, offered at no additional charge over the basic per-enclosure rate, offered on a first-come basis. The suite comprises two regular enclosures and may also include the handicapped unit as a third. Please make your reservations well in advance to secure this arrangement.

These charges include supplies such as cat litter, linens, toys, treats, and of course, CATNIP. However, clients are expected to bring their own food and medications. (see WHAT TO BRING page) If cats run out of food or other supplies, clients will simply be asked to reimburse TigerTail Lodge for the cost of the out-of-pocket expense.

Generally, charges for administering oral or transdermal medications to cats with chronic conditions are waived. However, if a cat is deemed particularly adept at resisting, we reserve the right to charge an additional $2 per dose. Sub-cutaneous fluids treatments are $5 per treatment. Insulin shots for diabetics are $2 per injection. Spot-on flea treatments such as Advantage, Frontline, Revolution, etc, are $2 per treatment to apply if provided by the client, or $15 per treatment if not.

Pick-up and delivery is sometimes available. Please request an estimate.

In the event that any cat requires veterinary attention during its stay, TigerTail Lodge,LLC will charge $40 per hour for transportation and veterinary management services. The client assumes all responsibility for veterinary charges. Every attempt will be made to contact the owner to authorize this type of charge, but as this is not always possible, the health and well-being of the cat will always hold greater priority and we will err on the side of safety. (see POLICIES page)

In-home pet sitting services are still available in the Hanover/Etna area. Prices vary depending on your location, number of visits, etc, so please call to schedule an interview. This consultation is done at no charge.